Half a billion pounds unexpectedly added to Universal Credit spending because of more sick workers


HALF a billion pounds was unexpectedly added to Britain’s benefits bill last year because of more sick workers signing on.

The £569million overspend was blasted as the country grapples with 5.2million people on some form of out of work benefits despite record vacancies.

Half a billion pounds was added to Britain’s benefits bill

Stats reveal that £41billion was spent on Universal Credit in 2021/22 despite previous forecasts projecting £40.37billion.

Ministers admitted there was a surge in people claiming sickness payments which pushed up spending.

Labour today demands more action to help them back into jobs rather than keeping them on the dole.

Shadow Work and Pensions Secretary Jon Ashworth will say: “Failing to help people with ill health into work is not just a monumental waste of their potential, it has also driven up the benefits bill.

“When fewer people are in employment than before the pandemic and the number of people out of work due to sickness is at record levels, Ministers are failing on their own terms.”

Mr Ashworth wants to rip up red tape for Brits on sickness benefits who want to get a job.

Work and Pensions Secretary Mel Stride has made it his mission to get work-age people without jobs back into employment.

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