Hapless Jeremy Corbyn can’t wear a mask properly as he takes it off for shop & bank – but has it ON to drink a coffee


HAPLESS Jeremy Corbyn has been spotted ignoring new rules on face masks – which are mandatory in shops from today.

The ex-Labour leader risked a £100 fine as he was seen inside a shop and a bank without a face covering today.

The Labour leader didn’t have a mask on at all while in an Italian deli today

Mr Corbyn held his mask over his face as he left the store

Mr Corbyn seen not wearing a mask correctly in North London

Mr Corbyn was seen walking out of a bank with his mask around his chin

He also put one on while having a coffee outside – even though the rules say you can take it off to eat or drink.

The Government made it illegal to not wear a mask inside shops from today and anyone who refuses can be fined £100.

Despite the rule change, Mr Corbyn was seen inside an Italian deli in North London not wearing a mask.

His wife was also spotted not wearing a mask while inside the store.

But it wasn’t because he didn’t have a mask to hand.

He was seen coming out of a bank with his mask hanging around his chin.

Masks have to cover a person’s nose and mouth to make sure it keeps people safe from coronavirus.

Wearing a mask helps catch any droplets that could carry coronavirus and infect other people.

Mr Corbyn only put his mask over his nose and mouth after he left the shop even though it’s not necessary to cover up outdoors.

People are legally required to wear masks while in shops, banks, supermarkets and takeaway venues.

Jeremy Corbyn later put on a mask while walking outdoors in North London

Mr Corbyn pictured wearing his mask correctly with a takeaway coffee

Care minister Helen Whately said it would be inappropriate for the police to be called if people don’t wear masks.

But Prime Minister Boris Johnson said he hoped “common sense” would prevail and people would follow the rules.

He said earlier today the “majority” of Brits had followed social distancing rules to stop spreading coronavirus so far and hoped they would continue to do so.

Ms Whately told BBC Breakfast earlier today: “There is the option for police, but I really don’t think we will need to go down that line.

“People do take this very seriously, they don’t want to see the Covid rate go up again.

“(We’re) not expecting the police to to be called every time someone isn’t wearing a face mask, that would be inappropriate.”

Mr Johnson sported a mask while visiting a GP surgery in London earlier today.

Health Secretary Matt Hancock posted a picture of himself wearing a mask and urged others to cover up while inside shops.

Other top Government ministers including Chancellor Rishi Sunak have also worn masks while out and about to encourage Brits to do the same.

A spokesperson for Mr Corbyn has not responded to HOAR’s request for comment.

Boris seen wearing a mask at a GPs surgery today