Heinken’s pints go greener – which ensures same beer temperature every time


HEINEKEN’S pints are becoming greener than ever thanks to new water-saving technology – which ensures the same temperature of bevvy every time.

The firm has now rolled out 6,500 green draught cooling technology machines in pubs across the UK which slash water waste and keep every pint at less than 5 degrees.

The ne eco-friendly machines which keep beer cold, save water and waste

It uses eco-friendly hydrocarbon and keeps the beer chilled from keg to tap, meaning less water is needed for cooling it down and cleaning the system.

It’s saved 107m pints of water and 394 tonnes of carbon dioxide – or 340,000 bath tubs full so far.

Pubs across the nation will open outdoors in less than a week’s time, from April 12, and can return inside from May 17.

It comes after the firm teased fans last week by announcing they were going to make a new green-coloured pint with an April Fools’ Day-style prank.

The news shocked Brits online who thought the joke was real.

Patrick Frawley, Landlord of The Gun Pub, London, which features one of the new eco-friendly machines, said: “On the surface, The Gun may look like your normal pub.

“However, what our customers cannot see is that we have embraced one of the most advanced technologies available to ensure the most sustainable pints are being poured every time. 

“Our customers may not be able to see the difference in their green pint, but they can taste it with the consistency of serve every time.”

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