Hope Brit Nazinin Zaghari-Ratcliffe is about to be FREED by Iran after six years as her passport is returned


HOPES surged today that Nazinin Zaghari-Ratcliffe could be FREED by Iran six years after being brutally thrown in jail.

The British mum from Hampstead – banned from leaving Iran – has had her UK passport returned, according to her MP Tulip Siddiq.

Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe will be freed

The Labour MP said: “She is still at her family home in Tehran. I also understand that there is a British negotiating team in Tehran right now.”

And her lawyer said: “I am hopeful that we will have good news soon.”

The aid worker was arrested at Tehran airport in 2016 and convicted of plotting to overthrow the government.

Her family, lawyers and the UK government have consistently denied this and demanded she be returned to London to be reunited with husband Richard and daughter Gabriella.

But the Iranian regime has used her as a bargaining chip in haggling over a long-standing £400m for a cancelled order or tanks.

Husband Richard has staged a series of hunger strikes to push ministers to lobby harder for her release.

In March 2021 she was released from house arrest but faced new charges.