House of Lords spend nearly £2million on booze in the past five years


THE House of Lords has spent £1.7million on booze in the past five years, accounts show.

Since 2015 it has shelled out £957,443 on wine, £510,872 on fizz and £266,029 on beer.

Accounts show the House of Lords has spent £1.7million on booze in the past five years

Meanwhile, the House of Commons spent £1,073,724 on drinks from 2017 to 2020.

That was made up of £749,025 on wine, £179,228 on beer and £145,471 on sparkling wine.

Taxpayers reportedly pay £57,000 a week to subsidise food and drink across both houses.

A Lords spokesman said: “All food and drink purchased by the House of Lords Catering and Retail Service is resold above cost price to members and other visitors to the Parliamentary Estate.”

National Obesity Forum chairman Tam Fry said: “The Palace of Westminster should be alcohol free.

“It is frightening that liquor is so readily available when the people we send to work there need a clear head for the jobs they have to do.

“If your average commuter has to pop out for a drink at lunchtime and, maybe, pick up another one on the way home, why should his representative not have to, too?

“The Government tells us that 14 units of alcohol should be any adult’s weekly limit: it should reinforce that message by ensuring its headquarters is dry.”

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