How many children does Jeremy Corbyn have and what are their names?


JEREMY Corbyn was once described as quite the opposite of a family man.

His ex wife Claudia Bracchitta claimed he put politics before his young children. But how many does he have?

Jeremy Corbyn speaks after the General Election results of the Islington North constituency

How many children does Jeremy Corbyn have?

Corbyn has three sons whom he shares with Claudia.

The pair married in 1987, and stayed together for 11 years.

Claudia, a Chilean exile, later recalled how she found herself struggling to afford food and clothing for their three boys, as the familys cash was poured into political ends.

What are Corbyn’s children called?

Corbyn’s sons have garnered a lot of social media attention, with dozens calling them ‘hot’.

Benjamin Corbyn, 32, Jeremy’s first son, has often been compared to Zac Goldsmith.

He is a football coach, with junior players at Watford FC.

Benjamin cites himself as a “proud dad”.

Sebastian is Corbyn’s second son.

He worked on his dad’s election campaign in 2015 before he was appointed as John McDonnell’s chief of staff.

Seb is expected to run for an MP, often called ‘the prodigal son’.

A spokesperson for Jeremy Corbyn denied that his son, Seb, would stand as an MP

Thomas Corbyn, known as Tommy, is the youngest in the Corbyn clan.

The 25-year-old gets attention for his blue eyes and famous jawline.

One tweet says: So this is Corbyn’s son? HELLOOOOO COMRADE.”

He opened London’s first hemp shop and cafe on Stroud Green Road.

But he is an avid tweeter, often supporting his dad to his 13,000 followers.