‘Irresponsible’ eco-warriors could face JAIL if they block Port of Dover and ‘cripple’ vital trade route


ECO-WARRIORS could face jail if they block the Port of Dover again as ministers seek another High Court injunction, the Sun has been told.

Crusties from the Insulate Britain group formed a human barricade on the A20 this morning to prevent lorries entering the vital trade hub.

Insulate Britain form a protest outside the Port of Dover this morning
Cops drag a protester away

Government insiders said ministers will once again seek a judge’s ruling to throw the protesters behind bars for blocking the road.

A senior source said: “It’s totally irresponsible for these protesters to try to cripple a vital trade route at a time when the nation is already facing difficulties with deliveries.” 

They added that the Government were preparing an application and could submit it today.

The Government won a high court ruling earlier this week to stop the group causing chaos on the M25, where they’ve been demonstrating for days.

More than 200 Insulate Britain protesters have been arrested, but many simply went back out the next day.

The High Order means anyone who defies now faces contempt of court and a potential prison sentence.

Britain is already grappling with a choke in the supply chain due to a shortage of HGV drivers which is affecting fuel supplies.