Jeremy Corbyn condemned by his own Labour candidates in savage past tweets


UNDER-fire Jeremy Corbyn was slammed by some of his own key Labour candidates in a series of savage tweets he’d like to forget.

The party leader found himself the target of nasty character assassinations from wannabe MPs who are supposed to have his back.

The news comes just a day after one election expert said Mr Corbyn chances of winning an overall majority in the December 12 poll was “as close to zero as one can safely say it to be.”

Multiple Labour hopefuls have laid into their party’s main man and slammed his chances of becoming Britain’s next PM.

Some slammed his dithering stance over Brexit while others stuck the boot in for him not driving anti-Semitism out of his party.

The scathing remarks were made in historic social media posts and online articles uncovered by the Daily Mail.

One particularly damning comment came from Labours candidate in the West Midlands seat of Kenilworth and Southam.

Writing for a student website in 2017 Ant Tucker declared: “Yes, Jeremy Corbyns leadership is disastrously unpopular with the general public, regardless of what his most fervent supporters believe.”

Here is what some of the others have said…


The candidate for Labour in Spelthorne, Surrey, hit out at Mr Corbyn and his cronies when he was fighting off a leadership challenge in 2016.


The councillor standing in Tory-held Stone, Staffordshire, tweeted in 2016 that he felt it was time for the Labour leader to stand down.


The Glasgow East candidate wrote in 2016 that she felt let down by Mr Corbyn and called on him to do the decent thing.


During an online debate over who would make the best Labour leader in 2015, Mr Ali – now trying to win back Pendle in Lancashire – made it clear how he felt at the time.


Council officer Miss Dalton, standing in Rochford and Southend East, told a friend online in 2017 that she felt the party needed a reboot.