Jeremy Corbyn faces landslide election defeat as voters say hes too incompetent


JEREMY CORBYN is facing a landslide election defeat as voters think he is “too incompetent”, a leading pollster has said.

The Labour leader could see a crushing loss similar to that of Michael Foot’s defeat to Margaret Thatcher in 1983, Peter Kellner, ex president of YouGov, believes.

The expert said voters have not been won over by Mr Corbyn’s “controversial policies” such as the free broadband plan that would cost millions.

Leaving Brits unsure he can be trusted with the UK’s finances, he told the Daily Mail.

He said: “We are now moving into quite clear Conservative government majority territory.

“When people are asked, ‘will there be a recession under Labour?’ people say yes; [when you ask] are Corbyn and John McDonnell competent? [people say] ‘No they are not’.”

He added the election is now “for the Conservatives to lose”, as although Labour’s policies may appeal to voters, they don’t trust Mr Corbyn to carry them out.

Another polls expert, Sir John Curtice, also weighed in yesterday – saying the chances of Mr Corbyn winning a majority at the Election are close to zero.

He said Labour were massively unlikely to form their own Government.

But he warned that if Tory opinion poll leads slipped below six or seven percent then there was a risk of a hung parliament with Mr Corbyn propped up inDowning Streetby the SNP and Lib Dems.

His message came as the latest ComRes poll put the Tory lead at 10 per cent enough to putMr Johnson in No10with a majority.

The pollster also tore intoNigel Faragesclaims the Brexit Party will mainly snatch support from Labour voters who would never vote Tory.

He said many Labour Leavers in the partys northern heartlands flocked to Theresa May in 2017 and are still switching over.

He added: It is theTheresa Maylegacy that will potentially take Johnson over the wire.

Sir John said Labours Brexit policyhas left voters confused, leading Mr Corbyn to haemorrhage Remainer support to the Lib Dems and Brexit backers to the Tories.

Yesterday Mr Johnson clashed with the BBC’s Naga Munchetty after she grilled him over his private life live on air.

The PM became flusteredwhen pushed on how he was relatable to ordinary Brits and fired back that it was a ridiculous question.

And it was announced that Donald Trump will visit London just DAYS before the general election on December 12.

Sir John Curtice, also weighed in yesterday – saying the chances of Mr Corbyn winning a majority at the Election are ‘close to zero’