Jeremy Corbyn fails to stand up for Labour leavers who feel betrayed by him over Brexit


JEREMY Corbyn today failed to stand up for five million Labour leavers who feel betrayed by his party’s Brexit policy.

The party boss, who has now u-turned to back a second Brexit referendum after years of dithering, was asked whether he’d left his supporters behind.

Corbyn was grilled by the BBC earlier today

He told BBC Breakfast earlier: “I am representing everybody… actually that brings people together.

“I am not here to represent the 48 per cent or 52 per cent of people, I’m here to make sure that everybody is represented.”

The Labour leader said he would appoint a range of ministers from across the country and Brexit divide to help secure his new Brexit deal if he becomes PM.

But he was pressed on his varying range of Brexit positions.

Presenter Louise Minchin said: “You said to them, the day after the referendum, we have to respect the decision of the people.

“At the end of 2016 you voted for the Brexit process to start, in 2017 Labour campaigned for a jobs first Brexit…

“In 2018, you said you would not support a second referendum.

“People heard you say that and now hear you saying something completely different.”

He claimed the party had extensively discussed it and debated it before coming to their new position.

And Boris’ deal just wasn’t good enough, he said.

Labour is on track to lose huge chunks of the Leave vote to the Tories as they back Boris Johnson to finally get Brexit over the line.

Parts of the North could go blue on Thursday if enough come out to back the PM, and don’t choose to go for the Brexit Party and split the Leave vote.

In the same interview the wannabe PM was torn apart over Labour’s “bad” record on the NHS in Wales – where they are in power – who have missed A&E targets repeatedly.

The far-left leader admitted it was “bad”, but insisted it wasn’t Labour’s fault as they had lost funding.

Corbyn out on the campaign trail today

The row came as Labour’s Shadow Health Secretary Jon Ashworth was left red-faced earlier for admitting on a leaked tape that voters “can’t stand” Corbyn and there are fears for national security if he wins election.

He admitted Labours chances of winning seats in the North were abysmal and that he cant see Mr Corbyn getting to No10.

Shadow Health Secretary Jon Ashworth admitted voters ‘can’t stand’ Jeremy Corbyn