Jeremy Corbyn refuses to condemn London Bridge terrorists early release from prison but wants more supervision once out


JEREMY Corbyn refused to back longer jail terms for terrorists but demanded more supervision once they are out.
The Labour leader said British governments were partly to blame for sending troops to invade foreign lands and setting off a spiral of hate.

Jeremy Corbyn won’t criticise terrorist Usman Khan early release from prison
Khan, 28, lashed out at a man and woman in Fishmongers Hall before running out on to London Bridge to carry on his attack

He called for a full investigation into the complete disaster which brought carnage to London Bridge on Friday.

But he failed to condemn the culprits early release and asked: What happened in prision? Was he given a de-radicalisation programme or not? We need to know the answer to those questions.

We have to ensure that the public are safe. That means the supervision of prisoners in prison, but it also means supervision of ex-prisoners when theyre released ahead of the completion of their sentence.

Mr Corbyn added: If prisons continue to be understaffed, overcrowded, and a lot of prisoners not being properly supervised then I think there is a danger to everybody in the future. We need to investigate fully the way all aspects of our criminal justice system operate.

Asked if terrorists should serve their full prison term, he told Sky TVs Sophy Ridge on Sunday: Not necessarily.

He said public safety requires supervision of ex-prisoners when theyre released ahead of the completion of their sentence.

In a speech today, Mr Corbyn will insist he will always do whatever is necessary and effective to keep people safe.
He would do that by investing more in community policing, probation services, mental health, youth and social services.

Mr Corbyn will say: You cant keep people safe on the cheap.

At 14:03 on Friday, cops pull a member of the public off the attacker and see what appears to be a suicide vest
One officer fires two shots from his MP5 and kills the knifeman on London Bridge