Jeremy Corbyn WONT give evidence at review into Labour Partys worst defeat in 85 years


LABOUR flop Jeremy Corbyn is snubbing the partys inquest into what led to their catastrophic election defeat, HOAR can reveal.

The Labour boss is not giving evidence to the inquiry into what went wrong, which is expected to slam his woeful strategy.

Jeremy Corbyn won’t give evidence at the inquiry into Labour’s loss

Party insiders said the report will find that voters were horrified by Mr Corbyns alleged links with terrorists like the IRA.

While it will also find that Labour totally lost the online election battle with the Tories, who managed to get their messages picked up widely on sites like Facebook.

The devastating report is expected to be released on April 3 – the day before the winner of the Labour leadership battle is announced.

A Labour source said: We want it to be the first thing in the new leaders in-tray.

The inquiry, led by Ed Miliband, is looking into why Labour suffered their worst defeat since 1935.

The team has been talking to former MPs who lost their seats, Labour frontbenchers, advisers and activists about where it all went wrong.

But bizarrely, Mr Corbyn is not planning to speak to the body about the landslide defeat.

One party insider said the report will show that voters were furious at Mr Corbyn and his allies for patronising them.

The source said: Voters wanted a hand up not a hand out by middle class do-gooders.

The defeat was a massive surprise for many activists in groups like Momentum. They didnt see it coming.

There is a lot of anger from the left over why we did not adopt a more defensive strategy.

The inquiry will warn that Labour desperately needs to rebuild in Scotland, where the now only have one MP, to stand a chance of winning power ever again.

The source said: We cant win without Scotland. We would have to win Jacob Rees-Moggs seat of North East Somerset to get a majority without Scotland.

Former Labour Party leader Ed Milliband is leading the review into Labour’s devastating loss