John Bercow paid up to 60,000 for Sky News election night appearance watched by just 46,000 people


FORMER Speaker of the House of Commons, John Bercow was paid up to 60,000 for his Sky News appearance, sources claim.

But Bercow – who has previously been accused of siding with remainers – didn’t look too thrilled when the results of the exit poll were read out during his 60k appearance.

The former speaker is said to have pocketed a cool 60k
John Bercow’s reaction to the exit poll result on Sky News

According to the Mail on Sunday, his huge payout is “the talk” of Sky News.

Bercow was hired to be the lead pundit throughout Sky’s election night coverage.

It is reported that Sky bosses hoped Bercow – something of a cult figure amongst Twitter lefties and rebel Tory remainers – would boost the show’s viewing figures.

However, Sky’s marathon coverage only saw 45,700 viewers tune in whereas ITV and the BBC raked in millions.

Speaking to the Mail, a source justified Bercow’s huge sum by adding: “That said, he was on through the night and, of course, has tremendous insight.”

The ex-Commons speaker was also mocked on social media for his stony-faced reaction to the exit poll result that night.

Despite being elected as a Tory, the Remainerrepeatedly clashed with his former colleagues, who accused him of anti-Brexit bias – as Mr Johnson roared to Number 10.

Viewers saw Bercow’s face fall as it was revealed Boris was going nowhere – with Twitter users branding Bercow: “Not a happy bunny.”

One viewer tweeted: “Bercow looks pig sick,” with another adding: “Bercow looks like he’s just read his wife’s Whatsapp history.”

The exit poll result predicted the Conservatives were on track for a landslide majority of 86 – the biggest since Thatcher.

The final results saw the Conservatives make sweeping and surpising gains across the country as former Labour voters opted to go blue and get Brexit done with Boris.

Mr Johnson hailed the “stonking” victory and vowed to “get Brexit done” the next day.

Speaking from Downing Street on the morning of December 13, the Prime Minister said the country can now heal and make the NHS its top priority.

He added: “We are going to unite and level up… Bringing together the whole of this incredible United Kingdom England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland together, taking us forward, unleashing the potential of the whole country, delivering opportunity across the entire nation.”

The former speaker has been accused of siding with remainers

Boris Johnson addressed the nation outside Downing Street, saying now is the time to ‘unite and level-up’