Justin Trudeau expected to claim limp victory in tense Canada elections following blackface storm


JUSTIN Trudeau is expected to retain diminished power in Canada after a tense election plagued by his blackface storm.

Trudeau’s Liberal party was projected to win the most seats in Parliament, giving it the best chance to form a government. But the Liberals were poised to fall short of a majority, meaning they will have to rely on an opposition party to stay in power.

Justin Trudeau, seen campaigning earlier, is expected to retain power in Canada

Trudeau appeared to overcome a challenge in Monday’s national elections from the rival Conservatives – despite his race fiasco.

The famously right-on leader, 47, was embroiled in scandal in recent weeks after a series of photos emerged of him wearing skin paint.

He was forced to issued grovelling apologies for repeatedly changing his race in bizarre costumes for parties in his youth.

His expected victory comes four years after he channelled his ex-PM father Pierre’s star power to become prime minister.

CBC projects Trudeau’s Liberals won’t win the majority of the 338 seats in Parliament and will have to rely on another party to pass legislation.

Ahead of the vote, polls showed a neck-and-neck race across the country.

Trudeau battled Conservative leader Andrew Scheer for the chance to form the next government.

But he was given a last-minute boost with an endorsement by former US President Barrack Obama.

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