Kate McCann says she’s ‘a little embarrassed and bruised’ after TalkTV fall & both Rishi and Truss were shocked


KATE McCann says she’s “embarrassed and bruised” after she fainted during last night’s Tory leadership debate.

The broadcaster had earlier apologised to Rishi Sunak and Liz Truss after their showdown for Sun readers was cut short at 6.31pm.

Kate McCann made her return to Brits’ television screens – 24 hours after dramatically collapsing during the leadership debate

Liz Truss looked horrified as Kate fainted last night

She bravely made her return to live TV just 24 hours after her dramatic collapse.

Starting the show, Kate quipped: “After all the excitement from last night, thank goodness I’m sitting down.”

She said there’d been “plenty of speculation” on whether Ms Truss or Mr Sunak “would be the victim a of knock-out blow”.

“What no one predicted was that it might well be the presenter,” she joked.

Asked how she feels today, Kate said: “A little embarrassed, a little bit bruised, but glad to be back and totally fine.”

She said both Mr Sunak and Ms Truss were “pretty shocked” – but added: “It’s the joy and the peril of live TV.”

Eyewitnesses last night told HOAR how Mr Sunak raced to Kate’s side after she “fainted on air”.

Ms Truss also went to check on the presenter and both candidates were seen kneeling down to make sure she was ok.

The candidates continued fielding questions from Sun readers after the show went off air.

They are due to face each other again soon.

Kate said tonight: “It was good of both of them to agree to a rematch at some point, so hopefully we’ll be able to tie down a date.”

Earlier this afternoon, she reassured worried viewers that she’s well in a tweet.

“Well, that wasn’t how last night was supposed to end!” she said.

“Thanks everyone for the lovely messages.


“I’m fine now – and apologies to Liz Truss and Rishi Sunak for cutting the debate short.”

During a fiery 30-minute row before Kate fainted, Foreign Secretary Ms Truss had promised to “relieve the burden on Sun readers” with a tax cuts bonanza.

But Mr Sunak hit back by branding her plans “morally wrong”.

The ex-Chancellor accused Truss of cooking up fantasy promises – and said his priority was to bring down inflation.

He blasted: “I think Sun readers are sensible enough and have enough common sense to know that you don’t get something for nothing.”

Tensions flared once again in the heated race for No10 as the candidates prepare to clash in key battlegrounds.

Despite the shock, Kate beamed as she took her seat on Talk TV again tonight

She spoke to HOAR’s Holly Mead about the cost-of-living crisis during the show

The presenter had been grilling both potential PMs in a fiery debate when viewers heard a crash as she fell