Kids in Scotland can wear face masks at school if they want to


KIDS in Scotland can wear face masks at school if they want to, the Government said today.

As children north of the border started to make their way back into classrooms, Jason Leitch CBE, the National Clinical Director of the Scottish Government said they were free to cover up if they want.

Kids who want to wear a mask will be supported – but they aren’t being made to

Pupils arrive at Kelso High School on the Scottish Borders this morning

Across the UK there are no Government rules stating children must wear masks in class.

Under 11s don’t have to wear them at all – even in shops or on public transport.

But schools and children can make their own choices, Mr Leitch said today.

He said this lunchtime at the daily coronavirus briefing: “Any child or adult who has been advised or wants to wear a face covering, will be supported to do so.”

Teachers and older pupils using public transport to get to school need to cover up on their journey.

And they should do so when they are not 2m away from other people.

Hardline unions have demanded kids and staff cover up to stop the spread.

Only a handful of schools have said so far has said they will make masks part of the school uniform.

But this morning health minister Ed Argar said it could harm kids’ learning.

Mr Argar told BBC Breakfast: “(Children wearing masks) is not something that’s a prospect at this point.

“The Department for Education has been very clear that that poses a challenge to the ability to teach and the ability to learn in a certain context.”

The health minister said the measures already in schools – including keeping each class as a “bubble” that has to social distance from other bubbles – was more than enough to keep kids and staff safe.

Thousands of pupils start returning to the classrooms from today in Scotland – as they have different school holiday dates than in England.

Social distancing measures have been put in place – including staggered lunch breaks and extra time for hand washing between lessons.

Boris Johnson has vowed that all kids will be in schools across the UK once again by the start of the new term.

Boris visiting a school yesterday to reassure parents they are safe

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