Labour calls for Jeremy Hunt to ban non-doms and use the extra cash to boost NHS staff numbers


LABOUR will tomorrow call on Jeremy Hunt to BAN non-domiciled tax status in the UK and use the extra cash to boost the number of NHS doctors.

Non-doms in the UK don’t have to pay tax on income from foreign investments, rental payments on property overseas or bank interest.

West Streeting will call on Jeremy Hunt to ban non-doms and spend the extra cash on the NHS

Labour estimates banning the lucrative tax status would raise a whopping £3.2bn.

Shadow Health Secretary Wes Streeting today vowed that Labour would splash the extra cash on the NHS.

He wants to double the number of qualifying nurses every year, double medical school places, create 10,000 new nursing and midwifery clinical placements and train 5,000 new health visitors.

Labour say this would help plug a 132,000 staff black hole in the health service.

The NHS currently needs 10,500 more doctors and 47,000 more nurses. 

Speaking at a Health Service Journal Conference in Manchester, Mr Streeting said: “Jeremy Hunt should put his money where his mouth is, abolish non-doms, and use the proceeds to train the doctors and nurses the NHS needs. 

“Labour’s plan is fully funded and ready to go. Abolishing non-doms would more than pay for the biggest expansion of medical training in history, giving the NHS the doctors and nurses it needs to treat patients on time.

“If the Chancellor means what he spent the past three years saying, then he should adopt Labour’s plan.”

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