Labour faces one of its worst results in history in upcoming local elections, dire report warns


THE Labour Party is facing “one of its worst” results in the upcoming local elections, according to an internal report.

Months after the worst general election result since 1935, the party is set to lose strong hold councils like Sheffield, Plymouth and Harlow in vote simulations done internally.

Labour, currently led by the hopeless Jeremy Corbyn, faces one of its worst results in history in May’s local elections

The document warns the party is facing “one of our worst local election performances in recent history” in the vote next May.

The incoming Labour leader will have less than a month to reverse the predictions, with the memo bracing the loss of many “hard-working councillors.”

In one simulation the party could lose 418 councillors.

The report states: “Based on the 2019 General Election and the subsequent ‘bounce’ in the polls for the Tories, we fully expect to lose hard-working councillors and lose control of some councils.”

It adds: “Our predictive modelling points to substantial losses that may constitute one of our worst Local Election performances in recent history.”

But the report caveats that the polls could be boosted by the new leader, with Sir Keir Starmer, Rebecca Long Bailey and Lisa Nandy all vying for the role.

The report adds: “The Labour Party will have a new leader by the time of the 2020 Local Elections.

“It is possible that, as a result, there may be changed in the levels of support for the major parties and in the demographic/geographical characteristics of our support.”

A Labour Party spokesperson said: “We recognise the scale of the challenge we face on May 7th and we will be fighting for every vote in the local elections.”

The new Labour leader will have less than a month to reverse the daunting predictions