Labour internal review blames Brexit and the media for election defeat not Jeremy Corbyn


LABOURS internal review into their crushing election defeat has blamed Brexit and the media but absolved hapless leader Jeremy Corbyn of any blame.

An official report conducted by the National Executive Committee did not blame Corbyn for his role in the defeat instead saying he had come under assault without precedent in modern politics.

A leaked Labour review blamed Brexit and the media for the election failure and not Jeremy Corbyn

The whitewash came as Labour leadership candidate Lisa Nandy revealed that she has deleted Twitter as the leftie echo chamber gave the party a misleading view of public opinion.

She said: To be honest, if you start thinking that all of that is real, thats where you get into real problems.

And that has been a bit of a problem for the left in recent years.

And we talk among ourselves. And we think that we are doing well when were not.

And we think were doing badly when were not.

And we just havent learnt how to understand the public.


And we should be out there amongst the public if we really want to understand whats happening.

The report was written by election co-ordinators Andrew Gwynne and Ian Lavery and was presented to the partys NEC.

The report said it would be unrealistic to say their Brexit policy played no part in the defeat.

But it failed to criticise Mr Corbyns leadership or the partys radical policies – laying the blame with the media.

It said: It should be noted, however, that our radical manifesto and Jeremy Corbyn were attacked in 2017 on identical grounds and with comparable venom, yet Labour secured the biggest increase in its share of the vote since 1945.

It is unlikely that radicalism was in itself the problem in a country looking for change.

It added: There is also little doubt that four years of unrelenting attacks on the character of the party leader, an assault without precedent in modern politics, had a degree of negative impact.

It also said it was deeply regrettable that the party did not convince the public that it was dealing with anti-Semitism.

A Labour Party spokesman declined to comment on the leaked report.

Lisa Nandy deleted Twitter as it was an echo chamber for Lefties