Labour leadership hopeful Lisa Nandy vows to scrap the monarchy


LABOUR leader hopeful Lisa Nandy would scrap the monarchy if she was given the chance.

Ms Nandy put the Royal Family on the chopping block, breaking ranks from her fellow candidates in a debate between the final three last night.

Lisa Nandy would vote to ditch the Royal Family

Ms Nandy was asked point blank on Channel 4’s leadership debate about whether she would vote for getting rid of the monarchy if a referendum was held.

She said: “I’m a democrat so I would vote to scrap it.”

“This is not our priority as a country, we’ve just left the EU without any kind of plan about where we’re going next.”

She joked she would “quite like to see Queen Meghan at some point.”

Leadership race frontrunner Sir Keir Starmer said he would not get rid of the royals entirely but would downsize them.

He said: “I wouldn’t (vote to get rid of them), I think I’d downsize it.”

“We’ve been talking about why we lost the election and what we need to do next – this isn’t one of the priorities for the leader of the Labour Party.”

Leftie contender Rebecca Long-Bailey said it was not a priority for voters and she would not vote to get rid of them.

Tory MP Andrea Jenkyns slammed Ms Nandy’s position on scrapping the monarch.

She wrote on twitter: “Ridiculous! The monarchy is at the core of our constitutional values and the Queen is the beating heart of our nation. More proof that Labour are out of touch and should focus on the issues!”

Sir Keir took the lion’s share of nominations in the last round of the leadership race and the competition was whittled down to three after Emily Thornberry failed to get enough backing for her bid to be leader.

Labour Party members now have until April 2 to vote for their next leader.

The results will be announced on April 4, and disastrous leader Jeremy Corbyn will finally step down.

Labour leader contenders Rebecca Long-Bailey, Sir Keir Starmer and Lisa Nandy
Sir Keir is the Labour frontrunner