Labour leadership hopeful Rebecca Long-Bailey vows to put Jeremy Corbyn in her cabinet


LABOUR leadership hopeful Rebecca Long-Bailey has vowed to put Jeremy Corby in her cabinet if she wins.

The shadow business secretary and key ally of the Labour leaderinsisted the job was his if he wanted it.

Rebecca Long-Bailey is a fierce Jeremy Corbyn supporter

Her offer comes despite the far-left MP repeatedly dismissing accusations she is the continuity candidate.

She said: Id like to but I dont know whether he wants to do it because he said not.

Its up to him. I love him so.

The Salford and Eccles MPs backing comes after deputy leader candidate Richard Burgon also insisted Mr Corbyn had a valuable role to play- despite leading the party to to its worst election result for 80 years.

He said: If he was Shadow Foreign Secretary, that would be ideal.

“Ive never met a more principled, less egotistical person than Jeremy Corbyn.

“Plenty of his critics are not fit to lace his boots.”

Labour sources hit out at the plans, pointing out his disastrous record as leader.

One said: Its like that Simpsons episode where a new guy starts work at the power plant and ends up going mad because hes the only one who can see Homers useless.

Another added: “Jeremy is about as qualified to develop our party’s foreign policy as a 7 year old leading NASA’s Mars exploration.

“At least with that he would finally get away from the front bench”.