Labour mayor shares tweet saying Boris Johnson is worse than serial killer Harold Shipman – then blames ‘poor eyesight’


A LABOUR mayor blamed her “poor eyesight” after indicating she would trust serial killer Harold Shipman and taxi cab rapist John Worboys over PM Boris Johnson.

Cllr Amanda Cartwright shared a meme on Twitter captioned: “Things I trust more than Boris.”

Cllr Amanda Cartwright has apologised and blamed ‘poor eyesight’ after sharing a ‘repulsive’ tweet about Boris Johsnon
In the now deleted tweet, the PM is compared to serial killer Harold Shipman and taxi cab rapist John Worboys

The list included an injection from Dr Harold Shipman and a taxi ride from John Worboys.

After a backlash online, Mrs Cartwright, 45, mayor of Kidsgrove, North Staffs, said she made a “genuine mistake”.

She apologised and claimed she shared the image in haste and due to being “severely sight impaired” had failed to pay full attention to the text underneath it.

Stoke North Tory MP Jonathan Gullis called her post “repulsive”.

He said: “This is truly shocking. As the mayor of Kidsgrove you should be a community champion.

“To joke about murders, rapists and coronavirus being more ‘trustworthy’ than the prime minister is repulsive.

“How would victims and their loved-ones feel about this?”

Alicia Kearns, Conservative MP for Rutland and Melton, added: “This is utterly disgraceful – a letter should be sent requesting a formal written apology.”

Mrs Cartwright says she has learnt her lesson and vowed to be more careful on social media.

Harold Shipman, known as Doctor Death, is thought to be the most prolific serial killer in recorded history
Black cab driver John Worboys is one of Britain’s worst serial sex attackers