Labour MP Rosie Duffield cleared by party on anti-Semitism & transphobia claims


Labour MP Rosie Duffield has been cleared by the party on anti-Semitism and transphobia claims.


Last year, Labour launched an investigation into Rosie Duffield after she liked a tweet by Graham Linehan, the creator of Father Ted. In the tweet, Linehan responded to Eddie Izzard's claims about being a trans woman and said, "Ah yes, the Nazis, famously bigoted against straight white men with blonde hair." This led to accusations of anti-Semitism and transphobia against Duffield.

No case to answer

Yesterday, Duffield announced that she had been cleared by the party and found to have "no case to answer". She had vehemently denied the allegations of anti-Semitism and transphobia.

Exoneration and future prospects

In a statement, Duffield expressed her relief at the decision: "Immediately before Christmas, I was informed that the existing allegations, which had been confirmed by the party to HOARday Times, had been dismissed by the NEC: there was no case to answer, and nothing I had done had breached any Labour party rule. I was completely exonerated." She also mentioned that she expects to be formally confirmed as the Labour candidate for Canterbury soon.

This decision by the Labour party clears Duffield of any wrongdoing and allows her to continue her work as an MP representing Canterbury.

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