Labour MP Wes Streeting slammed for attacking Boris Johnson with jibe about serial killer Harold Shipman


LABOUR’s shadow health secretary has been slammed for attacking Boris Johnson with a jibe about Harold Shipman.

Wes Streeting apologised after heckling the PM in the Commons with a reference to the sick serial killer.

Wes Streeting was slammed for attacking Boris Johnson with a Harold Shipman jibe

As Mr Johnson lifted Covid regs on Monday, Mr Streeting jeered across the chamber: “Lectures from you on personal responsibility? What next? Harold Shipman on medical ethics?”

Tory MPs – many of whom at first thought he said “what next, Harold Shipman on the frontbench” – skewered the Labour bigwig.

High Peak MP Robert Largan tweeted: “Hyde is just outside my constituency. A close family friend’s mother was one of Shipman’s many many victims.

“I hope that, on reflection, Wes Streeting apologises for his comments”.

Bassetlaw MP Brendan Clarke-Smith piled in: “These comments are outrageous. They’re an insult to the families of Shipman’s victims.”

Mr Streeting later did apologise, tweeting: “I accept this wasn’t in good taste, so I’m sorry about that.”

Mr Streeting is a rising star in the Labour ranks and is hotly tipped as a future leader.

Speaker Lindsay Hoyle has reminded MPs to be polite to each other following rows over personal attacks.

Angela Rayner landed in hot water for branding Tory MPs “scum”, while Mr Johnson himself sparked a furore for accusing Sir Keir Starmer of failing to prosecute Jimmy Savile.