Labour MPs reveal disgusting abuse they get for wanting to support Boris Johnsons deal and deliver Brexit


LABOUR rebels have been bombarded with appalling abuse for supporting Boris Johnsons Brexit deal.

The Brexiteer MPs been accused of being sex pests and their constituents racist scumbags after they publicly backed the PMs plan to leave the EU.

MP Caroline Flint one of eight Labour rebels backing Boris said she would not be intimidated by trolls


Caroline Flint one of eight Labour rebels backing Boris said she would not be intimidated by trolls.

Ms Flint also hit out at those in her party calling for her to be deselected over Brexit.

Writing in the Sunday Times, the MP for Don Valley said: In a week when we called for an end to intimidation and abuse, I am denounced as a Tory by social media trolls.

I wasnt elected to parliament to bow to threats and intimidation. I wont now.

While Labour MP John Mann said he had faced some of the worst abuse ever from angry Remainers.

Among the vile insults were “your constituents are mainly racist scumbags ; you must have sex abuse scandals to hide; hope you get a horrible debilitating illness.

Labour boss Mr Corbyn faces pressure from his party to remove the whip from rebel MPs who back Mr Johnsons agreement.

Those who have publicly backed the deals are John Mann, Ronnie Campbell, Jim Fitzpatrick, Kevin Barron, Graham Stringer, Sarah Champion, Melanie Onn and Caroline Flint.

Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell said there would be “consequences” for MPs in his party who voted for Mr Johnson’s Withdrawal Agreement.

While Momentum boss Jon Lansman warned they should be kicked out.

He tweeted: The NEC will have no choice but to replace them with a new, socialist Labour candidate at the next election.

But Mr Mann said he would not be intimidated by the tactics of Mr McDonnell and his cronies.

He wrote in the Daily Mail: I dont give in to bullying. And I dont go back on promises to the voters who put me in Parliament either.

Ive consistently defied the party whip and voted to deliver Brexit.

Other Labour MPs have slammed the hatred their colleagues are getting as “absolutely appalling”.

Lucy Powell said many were trying to reconcile themselves with their constituents, who had wanted to leave the EU.

She told Sky News “They are trying to respect that outcome, and they are vilified for doing so.

“It shouldnt be an extreme position should it to say look, weve had a referendum, the result was something that I didnt campaign for and many of us in the Labour party didnt campaign for but the result was what it was which was a huge turnout and people voted to leave the EU and we have to try and respect that.”

She said she was “really worried” about the party appearing to turn their backs on communities that voted leave and appearing to say “sorry, your voice doesn’t matter anymore”.

Labour Leaver John Mann has hit out at Jeremy Corbyn in the past for betraying voters