Labour student group sparks outrage after tweet branding all police officers ‘b******s’


A LABOUR student group sparked outrage today after branding all police officers “b******s”.

Scottish Labour Students re-tweeted a post about a trans pride march in London where activists claimed cops had unfairly intervened.

Scottish Labour leader Richard Leonard at Holyrood

And the Labour account said: “To be clear: ACAB”.

The ACAB acronym is well-known around the world as standing for “All Cops Are B******s”.

It is linked historically to protests about police brutality.

Scots Labour coup plotters humiliated after ditching bid to oust Richard Leonard

Scottish Labour students are listed as an affiliate group on the Scottish Labour website, but party sources tonight insisted they were no longer officially affiliated.

Their Twitter account is followed by MSPs including party leader Richard Leonard.

Tonight, Scottish Police Federation general secretary Calum Steele said: “I am sure the thousands of officers, who place their lives on the line every single day, and their families and friends will consider the reaction of the Scottish Labour Party to this outrage when they come to casting their ballot next year.

Labour Students account posted ‘ACAB’ message

“Student politics is hardly renowned for its maturity or tolerance but even this plumbs new depth.

“Ordinarily the SPF would not give this pathetic display any oxygen but that ship has sailed.

“If the Scottish Labour Party is pinning its hopes of resurgence on its student contingent, it might be better placed to direct its efforts elsewhere.”

It is unclear who posted the “ACAB” tweet from the Scottish Labour Students account.

‘ACAB tweet was shared by group chair Mariam Shaaban

It was sent on Saturday September 12 at 11:01pm, hours after the London Trans+ Pride March, and was still online today, two days later.

Trans activists had claimed on social media that police cut short the event in central London, held amid strict Covid regulations on gatherings.

Scottish Labour Students chair Mariam Shaaban re-tweeted the ACAB tweet.

She also re-tweeted a second post which said: “Trans pride was beautiful Growing heart & f**k the police that shut it down early, so yes, ACAB.”

There was a mix of condemnation and support in responses to the Scottish Labour Students “ACAB” tweet.

One person posted three fire symbols and said: “YESSS”.

Another said: “The student wing of Scottish Labour tweeting ACAB? Right, you’ve officially lost it. Just another reason we will never win in Scotland again.

A third said: “ACAB is nothing but nonsense, semi-popular on twitter for a couple of likes by woke students but in the real world voters know it’s utter bollocks – a fantasy world – and the last thing Labour in either Scotland or England need is to alienate the large large majority of voters.”

And a fourth said: “Whoever runs this account is a disgrace. I hope sane, reasonable voices in the organisation clarify its position asap.”

One person insisted that ACAB “doesn’t mean what you think it does” but did not explain what else it meant.


Another replied: “If you don’t believe that all members of the police force are bastards, don’t use the phrase all cops are bastards. Words have a meaning.”

And another told the Labour student group: “You’re utterly repugnant.”

Tonight, after we contacted them, Scottish Labour Students said: “We stand by our members and won’t allow them to be singled out and harassed.”

A Scottish Labour spokesperson said of the “ACAB” tweet: “Obviously this does not reflect the view of Scottish Labour or Richard Leonard.”

Justice Secretary Humza Yousaf branded the ACAB tweet “disgraceful”.

He added: “Our officers are on the front line keeping us safe – especially during the global pandemic. When we run away from danger they run towards it, for no other reason but to keep us safe. Every right minded person should condemn Scottish Labour Students for their shameful tweet.”

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