Labour vow to keep free movement and put no limit on the number of people moving to Britain


LABOUR last night vowed to keep free movement for EU citizens and to allow tens of thousands more immigrants from the rest of the world into Britain.

Leader Jeremy Corbyn promised to tear up rules which mean new arrivals must be earning at least 18,600 if they want their families to join them.

Jeremy Corbyn has vowed to end immigration controls by keeping free movement and allowing tens of thousands more immigrants from around the world into the UK

His party also said it would not put any limit on the number of people moving to Britain.

The announcement is a radical departure from Labours 2017 manifesto pledge to end free movement.

And it is set to infuriate voters in the partys heartlands who backed Brexit because they wanted immigration cut.

Labours manifesto states: We recognise the social and economic benefits that free movement has brought both in terms of EU citizens here and UK citizens abroad and we will seek to protect those rights.

In accordance with our values and domestic laws, we will uphold the right to a family life for British, EU and non-EU residents alike.

We will end the deportation of family members of people entitled to be here and end the minimum income requirements which separate families.

Home Office Minister Brandon Lewis warned it would lead to higher immigration and put yet more strain on Britains public services.

He said: Jeremy Corbyn doesnt have a plan to get Brexit done.

“Instead, the Labour manifesto offers higher immigration, more pressure on our public services and a 2020 dominated by two referendums.

Only the Conservatives will Get Brexit Done so we can introduce an Australian-style points system that means we can attract the brightest and high-skilled workers we need while getting overall immigration down.

The Labour leader’s radical plans are likely to put more pressure on our public services