Labour’s Hartlepool by-election candidate apologises for slur about Cabinet minister


LABOUR’S new candidate for the crunch Hartlepool by-election has apologised for a slur made about a senior Cabinet Minister.

Dr Paul Williams also said he was “sorry” for tweeting about his fondness for “Tory MILFS”.

Labour by-election candidate Dr Paul Williams

In 2011 he compared then defence secretary Liam Fox to the infamous “Uncle Monty” in the hit 80s film Withnail and I.

The character attempts to force himself on a young man.

At the time Dr Fox was under fire over claims he had misled the press about a burglary at his flat.

Dr Williams tweeted: “Am I the only one to read the sentence containing Liam Fox, burglary and young man in spare room to think of a scene in Withnail and I?”

Today he told HOAR: “These tweets were inappropriate and I am sorry for using such language.

“They were from a decade ago, which doesn’t diminish the fact that they were wrong, but I want to reassure people that I wouldn’t dream of making comments like this now.”

The Hartlepool by-election has been sparked by the resignation of Mike Hill, who quit amid allegations of sexual harassment.

Dr Williams was MP for Stockton South from 2017 until 2019, when he lost his seat as the Red Wall was swept away in Boris Johnson’s landslide victory.

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