Leftie voters scream Liar at Matt Hancock as he blasts Jeremy Corbyn for the evil of anti-semitism in Labour


HYSTERICAL Labour voters screamed liar at Matt Hancock as he blasted Jeremy Corbyn for the evil scourge of anti-semitism in his party.

The Health Secretary suffered an ugly tirade of abuse as he campaigned at a hustings in West Suffolk.

Matt Hancock was abused at a husting event in West Suffolk
The compere of the event tried to grab the microphone off Mr Hancock


Mr Hancock was speaking to a small crowd about the Tory plans to increase the number of nurses in the NHS when the fury erupted this weekend.

The Tory candidate finished his address by criticising Mr Corbyn for Labours alleged failure to tackle abuse of Jewish members when the crowd lashed out.

Mr Hancock said: The one thing that I am more passionate about ridding from our politics than anything else and that is the anti-semitic and racist attitude of Jeremy Corbyn.

Anybody who supports a racist party shouldnt be standing for Parliament.

His comments were interrupted by screams of liar and shame on you with a chorus of boos and hisses.

A man jumped to his feet in fury while the compere of the event repeatedly tried to grab the microphone off Mr Hancock.

Video of the clash was shared by Daniel Sugarman, a press officer for the Board of Deputies of British Jews.


Mr Sugarman, a former journalist at the Jewish Chronicle, said: Ive seen many Jews extremely angry at Labour candidates at hustings so far this election campaign.

I havent seen anything CLOSE to the vitriol the Tory candidate for West Sussex gets here for just mentioning Labour antisemitism. The cries of liar.

Mr Hancock later claimed the appalling scene as the work of a few disgruntled Labour activists.

He tweeted: It was so sad. Thankfully it was only a dozen or so organised Labour activists. The rest of the room was appalled.

Shows the depths of this evil in Labour. Awful for our democracy.

It comes after Mr Corbyn was slammed for refusing at least four times to say sorry for his failure to tackle anti-semitism in a car crash BBC interview last week.

In an excruciating 30-minute grilling by Andrew Neil, the Labour boss was taken to task for his woeful record on kicking Jewish haters out of his party.

After repeatedly refusing to say sorry, Mr Corbyn even claimed Britains Chief Rabbi was wrong to accuse Labour of failing to tackle Jew-hate just hours earlier – and even claimed anti-Semitism didnt rise after I became leader.

Since Mr Corbyn became leader in 2015 he has been dogged by critics claiming the party harbours anti-Semitic activists and campaigners among its membership.

It culminated in Scotland Yard launching a criminal investigation into alleged hate crimes – and seven MPs quitting in protest at the failure to tackle the problem.

Angry members of the audience screamed ‘liar’ and ‘shame on you’ at the Health Secretary