Lefty activists have ‘hijacked’ social media and made people ‘afraid’ to speak out, blasts Culture Sec Nadine Dorries


LEFTY activists have “hijacked” social media and left people terrified of speaking their mind, Nadine Dorries has blasted. 

The new Culture Secretary took a swing at the online woke warriors for trying to “cancel” opposing voices on Facebook and Twitter.

New Culture Secretary Nadine Dorries

She warned: “People are afraid because of the amplification in the echo chambers of social media.”

Ms Dorries laid blame at the feet of campaigners “on the left who have hijacked that space” and won’t talk “seriously” about issues.

The Tory MP is herself outspoken online and famously once threatened to nail a journalists’ genitals to the floor “with your own front teeth” for asking questions about her kids. 

She also landed in hot water this week for publicly rebuking the BBC’s political editor Laura Kuenssberg for a tweet.

She is now tasked with introducing tough new laws to punish tech giants for failing to stamp out harmful content on their sites. 

Boris Johnson threw his weight behind his Culture Sec today, with his official spokesperson saying: “The Prime Minister supports the idea of independent thinking and intellectual freedom.

“And that should be a non negotiable.”

In an interview with the BBC, the Tory minister also hit out at behaviour offline such as removing statues or paintings of uncomfortable bits of British history like slavery.

She said: “You can’t, with this whole cancel culture, wipe it all out like it didn’t happen and pretend it didn’t exist. 

“You can’t wipe away our history, either the good or the bad.”

A former I’m A Celeb contestant and prolific author, Ms Dorries was a surprise appointment to the Cabinet in September.

She faced derision, including from comedian Mark Thomas who said: “Great to have someone who has written more books than they have read.”

Today Ms Dorries slapped back and branded such comments sexist and that Thomas had “no idea” how capable she was.

She said: “I found those comments quite misogynistic. If they’d looked at me, looked at my background, they would have known that wasn’t true.”