Lib Dem leader urges govt to draw up Covid-style bailout for pubs with energy bills to rise by extra £9,000


PUBS will pay £9,000 extra on their energy bills this year as they struggle to survive.

Small firms will be hit with a £733million bills bombshell that risks forcing them to shut up for good, analysts claim.

Pubs are set to pay £9,000 extra on their energy bills this year as they struggle to survive amid the spiralling crisis

The Liberal Democrat stats show 84,045 small hospitality businesses, including restaurants and cafes, could see an average rise of £8,728 each.

Leader Ed Davey wants ministers to cover 80 per cent of their bills in a Covid-style furlough scheme to save many being forced into having to shut their doors for good.

He said: “It is now or never to save our treasured pubs and restaurants.

“These businesses are the heart and soul of our town centres and villages, yet the Government is leaving them out in the cold.”

Pubs are trying to recoup costs by charging up to 13 per cent more for some drinks.

But seven in ten could close — putting 600,000 jobs at risk.

Michael Kill, CEO of the Night Time Industries Association, said: “It’s catastrophic, it’s untenable.

“We need an intervention from the new PM administration coming in next week. And it needs to happen immediately, to stop this fallout of industry businesses going to the wall.”