Liz Truss has card declined while buying lunch at trendy London restaurant

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LIZ Truss is still struggling with finances — after her card was declined for a lunch bill.

The short-lived PM, who oversaw the doomed mini Budget, was left in the awkward situation before a close pal stepped in to settle up.

Former PM Liz Truss saw her card declined buying lunch at a London restaurant

The bill was believed to be under £20. Ms Truss then made a speedy exit from the trendy London venue.

A fellow diner said: “The restaurant was really busy and Liz Truss had been having lunch with a friend.

“They were chatting away and were probably there for about an hour.

“But when the waiter brought the card machine to pay the bill her card got declined.

“You could tell she was getting flustered so she tried it again.

“Her friend stepped in to settle the bill.

“Everyone in the restaurant could see what was happening and some people were making jokes about how she’s clearly not getting the Prime Minister salary any more.

“When she left it was like she couldn’t leave quick enough”

Ms Truss met her pal on Thursday at BRIX LDN, near London Bridge — where a burger goes for £11 and fish and chips costs £17.50.

Her disastrous mini Budget in September led to a run on sterling and a huge hike in mortgage rates.

She was forced to sack her Chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng before resigning after less than two months in office.

Diners at the London restaurant could see the former PM getting flustered as she attempted to pay up