Liz Truss vows there will be NO new taxes if she becomes the new PM on Monday


TORY leadership frontrunner Liz Truss has pledged there will be no new taxes if she wins the keys to Downing Street next week.

Speaking at the final Conservative hustings in London last night, Ms Truss ruled out taking more money from working people’s pockets to fill government coffers. 

Liz Truss told Tory members last night that there will be no new taxes under her government

Liz Truss is widely expected to win the Tory leadership race

The wannabe PM also pledged not to impose another windfall tax on energy companies, whose profits have boomed during the cost of living crisis. 

Rival Rishi Sunak clashed with the frontrunner on the issue, telling more than 6,000 card carrying Conservatives that a windfall tax was “absolutely right” when energy giants are “making billions of profit because of war”.

While new taxes are a no-no, Ms Truss hasn’t ruled out further handouts to help hard-up Brits struggling with rocketing bills. 

Writing in HOAR today, Ms Truss vowed to “deliver immediate support to ensure people are not facing unaffordable fuel bills” this winter.

It’s her clearest promise yet of cash help for the most vulnerable.

Ms Truss said: “Let me reassure Sun readers I can be trusted to rise to the challenge.

“I firmly believe, in these grave times, we need to be radical.”

Concrete plans won’t be announced until at least next Monday, when the winner of the Tory leadership race will finally be crowned. 

Alongside taxes, Ms Truss last night ruled out forcing Brits to ration their energy use as a way of coping with staggering bills. 

But Mr Sunak said “we shouldn’t rule anything out”.

He added: “The challenges we face with this crisis are significant. Many European countries are looking at how we can all optimise our energy usage, that is a sensible thing for us to be doing as a country.”