Londoners warned ‘don’t push it’ as capital on brink of Tier 3 amid rising Covid infections


LONDONERS were urged today not to “push it” with Covid rules as the city could be on the brink of Tier 3 as infections rise.

The capital now has higher Covid rates than some Tier 3 areas – and cases are growing in around half of the boroughs in the city.

Londoners were warned not to push it or the capital may go up a Tier

Both Boris Johnson and Matt Hancock warned of London’s rising cases this morning and stressed the need for everyone to follow the rules to make sure more rules were not imposed.

Tier 3 would mean restaurants, cafes and other indoor areas like soft play and casinos would have to shut – or serve takeaway food only.

Boris Johnson used a hospital visit to warn today: “It’s very important for people to understand that the virus is, alas, still rising in some parts of the country, in London. 

“We have got it down hugely as a result of measures we took in November, we are making a huge huge effort.”

But he added: “We can’t afford to relax now.”

Mr Hancock told LBC today people must not “push the boundaries of the rules”.

He was asked this morning if London is close to going into Tier 3 when the rules and areas are reviewed by December 16.

And he replied: “My message to everybody in London is let’s stick by the rules and not push the boundaries of the rules, but rather try to limit the spread of this infection.

“Because the case numbers are going up in parts of London, in parts of Essex, in parts of Kent.

“We know what happens when case numbers go up, sadly more people end up in hospital, more people end up dying and so we’ve got to stick at it and we’ve got to keep this virus suppressed whilst we get the roll out going.”

He warned: “Respect the restrictions, respect what needs to be done, keep yourself and your family and your community and your city safe.”

London’s director for PHE, Prof Kevin Fenton last week urged people to stick to social distancing rules as the capital enters the first weekend since restrictions eased.

Prof Fenton warned that the situation in the capital is “delicate” and said decisions made now would impact the situation over Christmas and the New Year.