Lord Frost denies there’s a ‘climate emergency’ and says we should back fracking and nuclear energy

Former Brexit minister and UK chief negotiator Lord Frost gives a Policy Exchange talk titled 'The Northern Ireland Protocol: How we got here - and what should happen now?' at 1 Old Queen Street, London. Picture date: Wednesday April 27, 2022. PA Photo. See PA story POLITICS Brexit. Photo credit should read: Jonathan Brady/PA Wire

LORD Frost has denied there is a “climate emergency” and told the next PM to stop “hectoring” Brits about going green.

The ex-Cabinet Minister – and Tory grassroots darling – slammed the current “totally unrealistic approach” of trying to cut emissions.

Lord Frost says there’s no ‘climate emergency’ and we should prioritise fracking

He said eco concerns should be “tackled in a pragmatic way” rather than “up-ending the whole way our societies work”.

In an essay for Policy Exchange he wrote: “We are told to stop travelling, live local, eat less, stop eating meat, turn our lights out and generally to stop being a burden.”

He also hit out at ministers prioritising “medieval” solutions like wind turbines rather than fracking and nuclear energy.

Lord Frost wrote: “‘Rather, the effects of climate change are a problem, one of the many we face, and should be tackled in that pragmatic way rather than by asking us to up-end the whole way our societies work.

“Western society, and indeed world civilisation, depends on copious supplies of energy.

“Yet the prevailing mood is one in which individuals are asked to restrict their use of energy and in which unsatisfactory renewables technology is touted as the best solution to our problems.

‘”Instead of focusing on technological solutions that enable us to master our environment and get more energy in a more carbon-efficient way — nuclear, CCS, fracking, one day fusion – we have focused on managing demand so we can use medieval technology like wind power.’

Top Truss backer Lord Frost, who is tipped for a return as her No10 chief, added that “current evidence” did not support claims Britain is in a “climate emergency”.