Major power company warns Brits to expect six hours of power cuts if nation needs to ration energy

During the energy crisis family is sitting by the table, lit by candles. Everyone is wearing warm clothes because of heating problems during the power outage. They are eating dry biscuits and warming hands from the candle flame. Canon R5

A MAJOR power company has warned Brits to expect six hours of power cuts if the nation needs to ration energy.

UK Power Networks, which covers millions of homes in London and the South East, issued advice admitting the energy situation is “challenging.”

UK Power Networks has warned Brits to expect six hours of power cuts if the nation needs to ration energy

Customers were warned to keep mobile phones fully charged

The company, which manages electricity cables and lines, has warned families to get a torch, keep mobile phones fully charged and ensure they have plenty of warm clothes during the winter.

An email sent out yesterday also urged them to make sure they had food which did not need to be heated.

But it does say that an energy shortage this winter remains unlikely.

The email, sent to vulnerable customers, said: “While this winter is expected to be challenging, there is no guarantee emergency measures will be necessary.”

It adds: “Power cuts might be uncommon, but they can happen all-year-round so it’s important you are prepared and know what to do.”

It warns if they do occur power will be lost for at least three hours at a time, once or twice a day.

The advice email continues: “Keep a mobile phone fully charged (if you have one) so you can use it to go online for updates or call if you have a power cut.”

The government said the messages were “purely precautionary.”

A spokesman said: “The UK has a secure and diverse energy system, and we are confident in our plans to protect households and businesses, including vulnerable households, in all scenarios this winter.

“These messages are purely precautionary, and part of long-established procedures in place to manage the highly unlikely event of major disruption.”

UK Power Networks were contacted for comment.

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