Maternity leave & pay should be extended by three months due to coronavirus, MPs demand


MATERNITY leave and pay should be extended by three months because of coronavirus, MPs have demanded.

The Petitions Committee has today called for the Government to step in and support mums after 226,000 signed a petition expressing concerns.

The committee have called for maternity cover to be extended for three months

Chair of the committee Catherin McKinnell claimed the crisis had created new problems for parents all over Britain.

She said: “The Government’s response on this issue so far has fallen far short of what is needed. This pandemic is having a huge impact on families and it is clear from the evidence we have taken the huge additional challenges this crisis has presented for many people on maternity, parental and adoption leave.

“We are calling on the Government to extend parental leave and pay for all new parents affected by the pandemic. We already know the importance of supporting new parents and the positive impact this can have on future generations, yet the current crisis presents even greater challenges.

“The Government must urgently provide much needed additional support for new parents to prevent that the effects of the pandemic having a lasting and damaging impact for years to come”. 

More than 226,000 people have signed an e-petition calling for the Government to extend maternity leave by 3 months with pay.

In the report, they found new parents had missed out on crucial support which was having a huge effect on their jobs and mental health.

They are now calling for new guidance for employees and employers on supporting pregnant staff and those returning from parental leave.

The group are also demanding free dental care, extending the period in which pregnant women can bring claims to an employment tribunal, and a review of health provisions.