Matt Hancock blasts sunbathers for breaking lockdown rules in parks and says it’s NOT allowed


After photographs of people ignoring the rules and spending their weekends lying around sunning themselves, the Heath Secretary came out to remind them they were risking lives.

Matt Hancock today blasted sunbathers for putting lives at risk

He told Sky News’ Sophy Ridge on Sunday this morning: “To the very small minority who are continuing to flout the guidance -you are putting others lives at risk and you are putting yourself in harms way.”

He said it was “quite unbelievable” that a “small minority” were openly ignoring the advice to only go outside for just four reasons – exercise, work, fetching medicine or food, or taking care of the vulnerable.

“We are crystal clear in the guidance what people should or shouldn’t do,” he stressed.

“This is not a request, it’s a requirement.

“People need to follow it.”

The ignorant sunbathers ignored warnings from Britain’s chief nurse on Friday afternoon, who begged them to listen.

Ruth May urged them to do it for the two nurses, both mothers, who lost their lives in the Covid-19 fight this week.

Boris Johnson also stressed to the public they must avoid the temptation of enjoying the good weather this weekend.

Britain is set for temperatures of 20 degrees today, and there are fears Brits will continue to flout the rules to get out and enjoy the good weather.

Yesterday Brockwell Park in London said it would close after 3,000 people “ignored” the rules.