Millionaire who gave Labour £1.4million slammed for joining Just Stop Oil fanatics on march


LABOUR donor Dale Vince was blasted yesterday for joining Just Stop Oil protesters on a slow walk protest outside Parliament causing motoring chaos.

The energy tycoon was even seen fist-bumping a police officer on the march as he led eco-warriors calling them “brave” as senior Tories demand Labour hand back his cash.

Energy tycoon Dale Vince was seen fist-bumping a police officer on a Just Stop Oil march

The eco-zealot was blasted for joining Just Stop Oil protesters on a slow walk protest

The move will heap more embarrassment on Sir Keir Starmer whose party has received almost £1.4 million from the green tycoon as the group campaign against new fossil fuel licences.

Four people were arrested on the march as they declined to comply with instructions from cops to leave the road – with Vince among a group of activists cheering them as they were led to waiting police vans.

It comes after Prime Minister Rishi Sunak accused the Labour boss of allowing “eco-zealots” to write the party’s energy policy and depend on other countries for our energy supply.

Tory deputy chair Nickie Aiken MP said: “Just Stop Oil protesters have clearly no shame. Their selfish actions are risking lives and livelihoods.

“It’s time the Labour Party decided whether they support these eco-fanatics or hardworking people. Turning a blind eye is no longer an option.

“They should return the £1.5m from Dale Vince and call out Just Stop Oil’s disruption and criminal activity.”

The GMB union has savagely hit out at Labour over their plan to end new North Sea oil and gas licences as “naive” and risked creating a “cliff edge”.

Mr Vince yesterday said: “I’m here to support the incredibly brave people of Just Stop Oil. They put themselves and their liberty on the line.

“I support them in other ways, in the media and with donations, but I thought I would do more.

“I can’t imagine it will make much difference to Keir Starmer, he’s his own man and so am I. I hope it doesn’t harm [Labour] but I can’t not speak out.”

Labour has vowed to stop issuing licences for new oil and gas exploration in the North Sea if they win the next election.

But Sir Keir has described the group as “wrong” and “arrogant”.

A spokeswoman for Sir Keir said: “Keir has been outspoken in his condemnation of Just Stop Oil who he believes have put lives and livelihoods at risk.

“The idea that they have influenced our policy is for the birds.”