Millwall fans who booed players for Black Lives Matter protest were ‘completely wrong’, says top minister


FOOTBALL fans who booed players taking the knee in support of Black Lives Matter were “completely wrong” according to a top minister.

Foreign Office minister James Cleverly condemned Millwall fans for booing the aces kneeling in solidarity.

Foreign Office minister James Cleverly condemned Millwall fans for booing when players knelt in solidarity with Black Lives Matter
The top Tory MP said ‘Ultimately what those fans did was wrong’

But he called out “some with the BLM movement who are pushing a very extreme political agenda.”

But added the players were not reflecting the politics.

He said: “The footballers clearly wanted to demonstrate solidarity with people who had either been victims of racism or fighting against racism, I think that’s a noble and honourable thing for them to do.

“Ultimately what those fans did was wrong.”

He added: “I don’t think anyone should feel bullied or intimidated into doing something that they don’t feel reflects their views,” he said, “I don’t take the knee and I’ve been fighting racism both personally and in politics my whole life.

“It’s not my thing and I don’t think people should be criticised for not doing it.”

He added that football’s anti-hate group, the Kick Racism Out campaign “don’t get the kind of coverage or exposure that I think they deserve.”

The Foreign Office minister’s criticism came after Environment Secretary George Eustice described Black Lives Matter (BLM) as a “political movement”.

He said that Mr Eustice was raising concerns that BLM “are moving very much into a political sphere”, discussing policies as well as combating racism.

Defending his colleague, he said: “And I think there are some legitimate concerns about some of the things that some elements of BLM are calling for.”

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