Ministers launch push to grow more tomatoes, cucumbers and lettuces in dash for growth

Verticrop is the UK's first and currently only vertical farm, the project, developed by Kevin Frediani at Paignton Zoo in Devon, is a revolutionary way to grow large amounts of food in small amounts of space. It uses coya instead of soil to hydroponically grow various green leaves for the animal's consumption in the zoo. This technology produces the same quantity of food as a 16 acre farm in a 50 foot by 75 foot area, and uses only 8% of the water of tradtional agriculture for the same crop. If (Photo by In Pictures Ltd./Corbis via Getty Images)

LIZ Truss has launched her dash for growth – with a bid to produce more tomatoes, lettuces and cucumbers in Britain.

The government is launching a new ‘salad offensive’ as they scramble to make farms more productive. 

Verticrop is the UK’s first and currently only vertical farm,

The school day could be extended to 4pm to help with childcare and get parents back to work, HOAR on Sunday understands.

While onerous rules forcing childminders to register with Ofsted could also be torn up under the radical plans.

Ministers are also drawing up plans to ramp up house building and encourage communities to get fracking with promises of new schools and GP surgeries.

All of the ideas are being batted around as part of the government’s dash for growth agenda.

Environment Secretary Ranil Jayawardena will go to the Netherlands next week to study the ‘Dutch model’ of high-tech greenhouses and vertical farming.

Britain currently produces just 25 per cent of our cucumbers and 17 per cent of our tomatoes.

Liz made headlines back in 2014 with an infamous speech moaning about the amount of cheese Britain imports,  memorable declaring: “That is a disgrace.”

Mr Jayawardena, one of Liz’s closest allies, said: “Our Dutch neighbours are experts in glasshouse growing, so I want to see how we can expand this sector back home and grow more outstanding British produce.”

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