More than 35 murderers, rapists and other criminals remain in UK after legal challenges stop them from being deported


MORE than 35 dangerous criminals including rapists and murderers have remained in the UK after legal challenges to stopped them from being deported last night.

Immigration minister Chris Philp blasted efforts to keep foreign criminals in the UK saying it will have a devastating impact on victims.

More than 35 dangerous criminals were able to escape deportation last night
Immigration minister Chris Philp blasted last minute tactics from lawyers

Last night, 13 “dangerous” Jamaican criminals were deported.

But more than 35 offenders will be able to stay in the UK after last minute legal appeals from their lawyers.

The 13 who were deported included three murderers, a paedophile convicted of grooming a child and four drug dealers.

The 50 criminals who were set to be deported had spent a combined 228 years in prison.

Mr Philp said blasted the last minute tactics of lawyers for allowing “murderers and rapists” to stay in the UK.

He stormed: “These individuals had every opportunity to raise the claims in the days and weeks leading up to the flight.

“However a significant number of claims were not submitted until hours before the flight was due to leave – meaning murderers and rapists have been able to stay in the UK.”

“Those we are attempting to remove have committed crimes which have a devastating impact on victims and their families.”

He said the Home Office was working as fast as possible to deal with the cases of the criminals remaining in the UK to remove foreign criminals.

 “We will be working through these cases as quickly as possible. I remain committed to removing foreign criminals and anyone without a legal basis to be here to keep the British public safe – which will always be my number one priority,” Mr Philp said.

Priti Patel blasted efforts to keep criminals in the UK

Ex-Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn was among the MPs campaigning to stop the deportation

Home Secretary Priti Patel also slammed efforts from Labour MPs and former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn to try and stop the flight.

She told them their campaigning “only served to re-traumatise victims”.

Ms Patel one offender on the flight was a killer who “violently murdered” a father of one and was sentenced to life in prison.

She told MPs: “When you and other Labour MPs continue to call for the government to stop this flight, I would implore you to think of the victims of these criminals’ shameful offences.”

“There can be no doubt that the idea of these deportations being halted at the last minute only serves to re-traumatise (victims).”

It is not clear whether that particular man was deported or able to stay in the UK.

And Home Office sources accused Labour MPs of siding with rapists and murderers.

Campaigners launched an appeal last night to find any pro bono lawyers willing to challenge the deportation of the 20 of the offenders set to be on the flight.

They claimed there were breaches to their rights to a family life and even on the grounds that their high blood pressure meant they were unfit to fly.

One man who claimed deportation was a breach of his rights was charged with murder, attempted murder and possession of an illegal weapon shortly after.

A Home Office source told The Telegraph: “Lefty lawyers are going to spend all evening on the phones to judges in their pyjamas to try to get people who have committed heinous crimes dragged off this flight.”