Most Brits STILL want UK to respect Brexit result and leave, biggest poll since referendum shows


THE BIGGEST Brexit poll since the referendum has revealed most Brits want the UK to respect the result and leave the EU.

Some 54 per cent of Brits said the country should now quit Brussels regardless of how they voted in the 2016 referendum.

In the biggest poll since 2016, more Brits think we should leave the EU

The ComRes survey for Channel 5 also revealed that 50 per cent of Brits now back Leave and only 42 per cent support Remain.

When the dont knows are taken out, this rises to 54 per cent for Leave and 46 per cent to Remain.

The poll surveyed a whopping 26,000 Brits and is the biggest survey of public opinion since the historic vote in June 2016.

Tory MP Michael Fabricant said: Theres been a lot of anecdotal evidence of people who voted Remain now deciding that they are so fed up with the EUs intransigence and sclerotic behaviour thats they would now vote Leave if they had to vote again.

This poll shows that the desire to Leave is hardening in the UK.

People are fed up with these drawn out negotiations which have generated a national tedium over the last three years.

They just want Brexit done. And so do I.

Of the 50 per cent who back leave, 30 per cent said they want to leave with a deal, and 20 per cent said they back a No Deal Brexit.

But the UK is still geographically split on Brexit, with London, Scotland and Northern Ireland Remainer strongholds.

Brits are divided down the middle on whether they back Boris Johnsons pledge to quit the EU “do or die on October 31.

Boris is today battling wit the EU and DUP to seal a Brexit deal

It found that 43 per cent support it, while 44 per cent object and the rest dont know.

Nearly half (49 per cent) said a No Deal would be bad for the UK, whereas just 23 per cent said it would be good and 15 per cent think it will make no difference.

The poll comes as Boris is battling to get hard-line Brexiteers and the DUP on board to do an eleventh hour Brexit deal.