Net Zero goals mean that households face paying £300 more for new gas boiler in future

K37W83 maintenance service engineer working with home gas heating boiler

HOUSEHOLDS face ­paying £300 more for a new gas boiler in future because of Net Zero goals.

Manufacturers fear they will have to increase ­prices to cover fines they expect for missing heat pump sales targets.

Net Zero goals mean households face paying £300 more for a new gas boiler in the future

Industry sources said they had no idea “how a Conservative goverment could be so anti business” as to drive them to make losses – and called on them to push targets back to 2026 when demand had increased and there were more heat pump engineers.

They added: “it’s something Jeremy Corbyn would have dreamt up – not Rishi Sunak”.

Fines and targets will go up in year two – with families set for a £300 per boiler extra charge to make up for fines.

The cash is set to go straight to the Treasury for general taxation.

Mike Foster of the Energy Utilities Alliance said it amounted to a Whitehall “stealth boiler tax” for the 1.7million households who replace their boiler each year.

He said: “Rather than make heat pumps cheaper they plan to make the boiler more expensive.

“They are happy to see British built boilers ripped off walls to be replaced with imported heat pumps, when a better option is to simply change the gas”.

A gas boiler is typically £2,500 whereas heat pumps can cost £13,000.

Businesses will get a £5k hit for each one they don’t sell below a target.