New BBC boss promises ‘radical change’ and tells ‘opinionated staff’ to quit after leftie bias row


THE new BBC boss has promised “radical” change and told opinionated staff’ to quit after the corporation’s row over leftie bias.

In an address to staff this lunchtime Tim Davie warned the BBC must change to survive and that it doesn’t have a “right to exist”.

Tim Davie gave his first speech to staff today as he took over from the helm as Director General

Rallying the troops as he took over from Lord Hall this week, he said that staff should work hard to deliver on the views of the entire nation, not a select elite.

“I do not want a subscription BBC that serves the few,” he said.

Mr Davie warned reporters and editors that surrounding the office with “people like us” who were only interested in”political shenanigans, internal dramas and the latest press flare-up” would damage the corporation and lead to its decline.

He said: “This is dangerous.

“It means that we can take our eyes off the key issue of how much value we are delivering to each member of the public, and the UK as a whole.”

The Beeb would “renew our commitment to impartiality” in a bid to win back the trust of the nation, he promised.

“I want a radical shift in our focus from the internal to the external, to focus on those we serve: the public.”

And he added: “Our research shows that too many perceive us to be shaped by a particular perspective.

“We urgently need to champion and recommit to impartiality. It is deliverable and it is essential.”

He urged them not be “driven by our own personal agendas” and to focus on telling the exciting stories happening across the nation instead.

“It is about being free from political bias, guided by the pursuit of truth, not a particular agenda”, he went on.

And in a blast at leftie broadcasters which let their views known, he added: “If you want to be an opinionated columnist or a partisan campaigner on social media then that is a valid choice, but you should not be working at the BBC.”

There must no more be a “BBC type” with managers hiring “in our own image”, he said, urging them to gather a diverse team.

And the organisation will do more digitally and focus only on unique, high-quality content rather than trying to do it all.

The speech comes just 24 hours after he announced the Beeb would finally u-turn on its decision not to allow the singing of Rule Britannia! and Land of Hope and Glory at the Last Night of the Proms after a furious backlash from politicians and viewers.

Mr Davie was widely praised for the decision by MPs and campaigners who had reacted with outrage at the decision not to sing the historic songs.

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