New Brexit Party candidate and Apprentice star Michelle Dewberry looking for love on Tinder


APPRENTICE winner and new Brexit Party candidate Michelle Dewberry is looking for love on Tinder.

HOAR revealed last week that the 40-year-old is standing to be an MP for the second time in her hometown of Hull.

Michelle Dewberry, who is running to be an MP for the Brexit Party is also looking for love on Tinder
She says she wants to find someone to spend the next chapter of her life with

But votes aren’t all Michelle is looking for in life – she’s also on the hunt for romance.

She describes herself on the dating platform as “fun, intelligent and kind” and “excited to start the next chapter of life and find someone awesome to share it with”.

Singleton Michelle doesn’t want to date smokers, cheaters, “dimwits” or “intense Corbyn supporters”, her profile says.

And she wants someone who is spontaneous and trumpets old fashioned values.

“I believe in monogamy and honesty,” she added. “If you don’t, swipe left.”

And she’s shared a selection of stunning photos to convince bachelors to match with her.

It’s not the first time she’s taken to Tinder to try and bag a date – back in August 2016 she was also spotted on the site after splitting with then-boyfriend Anthony.

In 2017,she stood as an independent candidate in the General Electionfor her home constituency, Hull West and Hessle.

This time she’s fed up of politicians failing to deliver for the North, and has thrown her weight behind Mr Farage’s Brexit Party.

She said last week of her quest to get elected: “It would be great to look at Labour whove had the seat since 1997 and say, Youre fired!.”

She said: There are many Northern seats that would not vote Tory and if the Tories think they would they are away with the fairies. Its within your DNA that you wouldnt vote for a Tory.”

Michelle, 40, will be pitted against Labours Emma Hardy, who backs a second referendum.

Her profile states she has no time for intense Corbyn supporters

Michelle came third last time with almost 2,000 votes, 5.5 per cent of the overall share.

Beyond her TV and business work, she has spoken out about sensitive issues such as mental health, depression and suicide.

She spoke bravely to HOAR abouthow her mum saved her from the brink of killing herselfafter “years and years of unhappiness”.

Michelle was revealed to be standing for Nigel Farages Brexit Party last week
She won the Apprentice with Lord Sugar back in 2006