New Chancellor Rishi Sunak urged to waive business rates on public toilets to stop them closing down


NEW Chancellor Rishi Sunak is being urged to flush away the hated toilet tax amid fury at public loo closures.

Tory MP Ric Holden told the Treasury to stop taking the p*ss and waive business rates on the lavs because cash-strapped councils have had to shut them down.

New Chancellor Rishi Sunak is being urged to waive business rates on public toilets to stop cash-strapped councils from shutting them down

And he urged Mr Sunak to use his first Budget to throw the endangered loos a lifeline.

At least 673 have shut down in a decade, 2018 figures revealed.

Mr Holden, co-chairman of the cross-party MPs group on local democracy, warned it was aiding the decline of the high street because shoppers caught short often have nowhere to go.

He told HOAR: People will think the Treasury are taking the p*ss, charging millions of pounds a year in business rate to keep public toilets open. Its hardly a surprise so many have closed.

The previous Government proposed to waive the tax on lavs but never got round to passing it.

Meanwhile, Mr Sunak promoted last week after Sajid Javid quit confirmed he will not delay the March 11 Budget.

But he will miss the G20 as he scrambles to finish it in time.

He and the PM are holding a Budget summit at No10 amid reports of a pension tax relief cut and council tax hikes for the rich to fund a public spending spree.

Treasury sources said everything is on the table when it comes to the Budget.