Nine in 10 Brits think Boris Johnson will put taxes up again as PM’s ratings slump over gas and cost of living crisis


BRITS overwhelmingly fear Boris Johnson will hike taxes AGAIN and are preparing to tighten their belts.

Shock polling reveals nine in 10 voters are worried about triple-whammy rises in shop prices, the cost of living and wallet-whacking levies.

Brits fear taxes will rise and expect to feel the pinch this winter

The country is grappling with twin energy and delivery crises that risk blowing a hole in people’s pockets throughout winter.

A shortage of truck drivers has led to supply chain woes and warnings from industry about higher food prices.

Soaring gas prices have caused some energy providers to go bust, forcing consumers to switch to rivals with higher tariffs.

Polling by Kekst CNC shows a staggering 90 per cent of people expect to feel a harsher pinch of the cost of living in the next three years.

Around the same amount also fear the price of food in shops will go up.

A huge 88 per cent are also afraid the PM will follow up his hated National Insurance hike with more tax increases.

Mr Johnson came under fire for breaking an election vow not to raise NICs by cranking up the levy by 1.5 per cent from next April.

The poll suggests voters are punishing the PM for the delivery and energy nightmares as his personal ratings plunged to -18 per cent. 

More people increasingly think the Government should prioritise the economic recovery over stopping the spread of Covid.

Some 42 per cent think stopping the spread is more important compared to 34 per cent prioritising the bounceback, down from a gap of 74 per cent to 13 per cent in April last year.

The poll also included key Covid findings and found there’s no desire to return to lockdown.

Only 16 per cent want shop and school closures and 22 per cent want pubs and restaurants shut. 

Eight out of 10 Brits are prepared to get a Covid booster shot, which are currently being rolled out to the most vulnerable.

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