No relief for hard-hit families as fat cat energy bosses and No 10 fail to find solution at crisis summit

Pic Doug Seeburg - Energy bosses meeting at no10 Downing St. Michael Lewis, E.on and Jonathan Brearly Ofgem.

HARD-UP families suffered another blow today as fat cat energy bosses and No 10 failed to find a solution to the cost of living crisis.

As Brits face one of the toughest winters ever amid soaring energy bills and inflation, crunch talks were held to tackle the problem.

Fat cat energy bosses Michael Lewis (E.On) and Jonathan Brearley (Ofgem) meet at No10 for failed showdown talks

Drax boss Clare Harbord, right, arrives for talks to try and solve cost of living crisis

Families have been warned energy bills could hit a staggering £5,000 next year – with no end seemingly in sight.

Boris Johnson has now appealed to electricity companies to act “in the national interest” to help ease the pressure.

Following roundtable talks in Downing Street, the Prime Minister said the Government would continue to work with the sector.

But it was confirmed today both teams had reached a stalemate and no plan of action had been made.

Mr Johnson made clear any “significant fiscal decisions” would be for his successor – suggesting no solution would be found until at least September when Liz Truss or Rishi Sunak become PM.

Chancellor Nadhim Zahawi said ministers were continuing to monitor the “extraordinary profits” some companies were making.

The Prime Minister stressed that – in the face of Russia’s illegal invasion of Ukraine which is driving prices to record levels – it was important the sector worked with the Government “in the national interest”.

Officials said that he made clear that it was vital the Western world continued to stand by the Ukrainian people in their fight for survival.

“Following our meeting today, we will keep urging the electricity sector to continue working on ways we can ease the cost-of-living pressures and to invest further and faster in British energy security,” Mr Johnson said in a statement.

Mr Zahawi added: “In the spirit of national unity, they agreed to work with us to do more to help the people who most need it.”

Brits are facing a winter of discontent with spiralling energy bills

Boris Johnson has appealed to electricity companies to act “in the national interest”
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