Not giving John Bercow a peerage is bullying, Labours Dawn Butler claims


NOT giving ex-Speaker John Bercow a privilege is bullying, Labour’s Dawn Butler said today.

The wannabe Labour deputy leader’s was blasted after it was confirmed that a third complaint has been submitted about the ex-Speaker’s behaviour during his decade in power.

John Bercow could be being bulled as he did not get a peerage recommendation

Mr Bercow has denied all allegations of bullying made against him.

And Ms Butler, Labour’s shadow women and equalities minister told Sky’s Sophy Ridge today: “If you accuse someone of bullying, there needs to be due process.

“Has he been found guilty or is it just an accusation?

“We really do need to ask the Conservatives why it didn’t, like everybody else, ensure the Speaker of the House received a peerage?

“Otherwise I think that’s a form of bullying too.”

Tory MP Rob Roberts said earlier: “Not awarding a peerage to someone who has been accused of bullying and nasty behaviour by lots of different people isnt itself bullying.

“What a ludicrous suggestion.

“If there is a proper investigation and Mr Bercow is exonerated, then its a conversation. Until then, no peerage.”

Meanwhile John Bercow’s former private sector has passed a dossier of allegations to authorities about him.

Angus Sinclair, 67,

Former clerk of the House, Lord Lisvane and former Black Rod, Lieutenant-General David Leakey have also put in official complaints.

The House of Lords Appointments Commission has said it has “serious” concerns about two of the eight candidates nominated by the Labour Party – which could include Bercow.

They have said he shouted at them, lost his temper, and would thump the table.

Officials are due to meet next week to vet those put forward for honours.

“Bercow will not be approved, one source told the Sunday Times.

“There are serious problems with two of Labours nominations.”

It comes after Business Secretary Andrea Leadsom offered to give evidence of Bercow’s bullying to stop him getting a peerage.

HOAR revealed how Parliaments standards watchdog is considering whether to probe the former Commons Speaker over bullying allegations from several of his former staff.

Labour’s Dawn Butler said there needed to be ‘due process’ for the ex-Speaker, who has been accused of bullying


John Bercow has denied the complaints against him and claimed officials who have made them did not work closely with him and were unable to make such accusations.